9.30 am Morning Tea for a 10.00 am start until 2.30 pm

SPEAKERS: Dr. Gijs Willem Tol, Lecturer in Roman Archaeology; Honours coordinator Ancient World Studies specialisation,

Dr. Michael Schmitz, Lecturer on Imperial Roman History and Pre- Gunpowder Military History and

Dr Roslynne Bell, Club member and Associate Research Fellow in the School of Historical and Philosophical

Studies at the University of Melbourne.

SUBJECT: Alexander the Great of Macedonia: Hero, Conqueror, or God?

Worshipped as divine by some, criticised by others, acknowledged and praised by many,

Alexander has sometimes been called ‘the ancient world’s Napoleon’.

Through land and sea invasion and conquest, Alexander created new cities while building his own empire,

unifying the whole through alliances, intermarriage, a unified currency, commerce and, above all, by encouraging

the best of Hellenism’s ideas, laws and administration. And all this before his death at 33.

Join us for a journey into the legendary life of Alexander the Great and his legacy to the world.

Members and guests are warmly welcomed to join us for our annual Saturday seminar.

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Charge: $85.00 (incl. lunch and glass of wine)