SATURDAY 14 MARCH  9.30 am for 10.00 am start

SUBJECT: Homer’s Odysseus: Warrior, Trickster, King

When Odysseus set sail for home in the aftermath of the Trojan War he had already been away for ten years.

He could not have imagined then what a troubled crossing it would be, how long it would take and the challenges he would face.

He could not have imagined then that it would be a journey into an archetypal realm where he would meet his dreams and demons.

Dying at Troy might have been easier!

At our symposium in March we will follow Homer’s Odysseus across the sea to the distant horizons of his world.

It is a journey worth taking, it is a journey for our time. If you would like to attend please book with Reception or online.

Charge: $89.50 (including Homeric-style luncheon and a glass of wine)