It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Charles Dickens, Tale of Two Cities.

Who would have thought only a few weeks ago, that we would be faced with a global pandemic called COVID-19 causing the national and state authorities to impose stage 3 regulations, causing us to live in social isolation and our beloved clubhouse closed.

And yet, although we are unable to meet physically, we have new and exciting ways to continue with so many of our activities. With the valuable assistance of our staff we have made good use of FaceTime and Zoom to maintain many of our usual activities. Already several book groups have met, language classes have continued, a Drama Circle reading is organised and many more opportunities have unfolded to allow our members to continue sharing the joy of friendship and learning.

It is wonderful to see how members have responded to these unprecedented times. Some have shared valuable and constructive ways to maintain their connection with their Lyceum friends. Some have appreciated the difficulties faced by our staff and have called to share their concerns and have a chat, others have ordered take away meals to provide work for our kitchen and to help our bank balance. I have received a number of messages of support and encouragement over the last four weeks and although it is not possible to respond to them all I am most grateful for these messages. One member very generously sent a cheque for $50,000 to be used by the Board in any way.

These many acts of kindness prove to me that the Club is alive and well, and when all this has passed we will say that, in challenging times, the women of the Lyceum Club rose to the challenge and made the best of it and did so with a brave and cheerful heart. I wish you good health, happy times – even if in isolation and a cheerful heart.

Yvonne Panagacos


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