Draft Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Dear Members,

Draft Strategic Plan 2020-2025: Member Consultation

This is an important message I wish to share with you as we commence consultation of the Lyceum Club’s draft strategic plan that is designed to guide the direction of the Club over the next five years. 

The Board began our strategic planning process in January. However, since then, COVID-19 has changed all our lives and none of us knows exactly what the future holds. 

We do know that organisations which survive and thrive will have responded quickly to the pandemic, planned how to emerge from the restrictions and have a strong focus on the future. 

During the past months, your Board and management have focused on three phases: 

  • Response
  • Recovery, and
  • Revitalisation

I have previously shared with you how we have responded to COVID-19. 

Our short experience of re-opening gives us confidence that we can manage the recovery well. And now our focus is on revitalisation. 

The Draft Strategic Plan: 2020 – 2025 provides a snapshot of the current situation, desired outcomes by 2025 and examples of key short and long term initiatives across five key themes. We are now seeking your input and feedback, so that it can be finalised and approved by the Board. 

A link to download the Draft Strategic Plan 2020-2025 : Member Consultation document is at the end of this notice and it can also be found on the Club’s website – Draft Strategic Plan. 

The Club is our community and the Board wants to hear from all members, irrespective of length of membership, frequency of participation in Club activities or category of membership. All views are invited and welcomed. 

There are two ways you can provide feedback on the draft plan. A series of interactive member consultation sessions will be held via Zoom in August and September and written feedback via an online feedback form is also invited.  The closing date for the submission of online written feedback is 5.00 pm, Tuesday 8th September 2020.   

We ask all members to use these formal feedback channels so we can accurately, equitably and efficiently capture everybody’s views. 

Member Consultation Sessions: 
Members are invited to participate in one of the member consultation sessions (by Zoom) that are being held every day between 20 August and 7 September. 

Thursday 20.08.20 at 10.30 am
Friday 21.08.20 at 3.30 pm
Monday 24.08.20 at 3.30 pm
Tuesday 25.08.20 at 3.30 pm
Thursday 27.08.20 at 5.30 pm
Friday 28.08.20 at 10.30 am
Monday 31.08.20 at 10.30 am
Tuesday 01.09.20 at 3.30 pm
Wednesday 02.09.20 at 5.30 pm
Thursday 03.09.20 at 10.30 am
Friday 04.09.20 at 3.30 pm
Monday 07.09.20 at 5.30 pm

Members must book to attend, and to ensure the maximum number of members can be accommodated, only one booking per member will be accepted.  Please note that we will be recording these sessions to ensure content is captured accurately.  The recordings will be destroyed after 28 days. 

Online feedback form
Members are invited to provide feedback on the draft strategic plan via the online member feedback form.  A link will be emailed to members tomorrow (18/8/20). If you do not receive this email, please contact reception.  Those members who do not use technology have been sent a written feedback form which they can return in the mail. 

We have put in place an equitable and manageable process to ensure all information is captured so it can inform the plan.  We kindly request all members use the formal processes we have set up to make sure that we capture all members’ views accurately and avoid any possibility that a member’s view is misrepresented.

This is your opportunity to play a part in assisting the Board to deliver a plan for our Club’s future.

Please take care and stay well.

Yvonne Panagacos

The President’s presentation can be accessed by clicking on the link below and typing in the password rXC%P9S# when prompted.