From The President


Spring is in the air and we are enjoying being home in Ridgway Place. As Gustav Mahler said ‘With the coming of Spring, I am calm again.’ I think we all feel that way now that we are back where we belong, feeling comfortable in familiar surroundings.

September is a special month in the Club. On Tuesday 5 September we are holding the annual Margaret Sutherland Bursary Concert. This concert celebrates Dr Margaret Sutherland, Club member, composer and advocate of young musicians. On this occasion, outstanding students from Melbourne and Monash Universities will each perform a short recital. Please come to support them as they play for the bursary award, and do stay for dinner to follow. It is always a memorable night, and a highlight of the Club calendar.

The Ridgway Group will meet again this month, this time for as a cocktail party on Thursday 28 September. This group especially welcomes new members and infrequently visiting members, but importantly everyone is welcome to come to hear Vice President Yvonne Panagacos describe the functioning of the Programme Committee, the backbone of the Club events. Do come along to hear Yvonne and to meet new members.

You will find the formal notice of the Annual General Meeting included with this newsletter. This meeting will be held at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 25 October, 2017. On the reverse side of the notice is the official call for nominations for Board and Office Bearer positions. I ask that you read and consider this information carefully.

As is our tradition, we shall follow the Annual General Meeting with the Honours Dinner which gives us the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of those members who have been awarded honours in the Order of Australia this year.

Please come soon to enjoy the familiar ambience of Ridgway Place, if you have not visited already. Building continues above, but you will hardly notice. I look forward to seeing you during the month of September, there is so much on offer.


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Jennifer Milne President