Oral History Project

The Lyceum Club Oral History Project


The purpose of the project is for volunteer Club members to conduct interviews to record the interesting stories of other members. Women’s history is often lost and we are keen to capture the contributions all our Club members have made to society. The focus of the interviews will be members’ journeys in public life, with the underlying theme of ‘influence’: what or who have been the influences in our lives, who have we influenced or how have we been influential. We feel that all Club members have an interesting story to tell. The project is open to all members of the Lyceum Club community.

Guidance is provided in the interview process, particularly the questions to be asked and use of the recorders. The majority of interviews are held in the Irene Kinsman Room and Board permission is required for researchers wishing to hear the recordings.

If you would like to participate in this project, either as an interviewer or interviewee, please contact Liz Rushen.