Update from the Board to all Members

The Board held an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday 18 March 2020 to discuss the impact of the novel coronavirus State of Emergency on the Club, to consider the latest advice from government authorities and the Chief Medical Officers and to take decisions about the Club’s operations.

Club Operations

The Board has decided the Club is to remain open for Members, but with reduced hours, effective immediately.

  1. From today, the Club will be open to Members from 9.00am to 5.00pm; Monday to Friday.
  2. The Dining Room will continue to provide a daily lunch service with increased spacing of diners and a more limited menu.  Bookings would be greatly appreciated.
  3. The Clubroom sandwich service will continue as usual.
  4. Club events, Club lunches, Club evenings and special events have been cancelled until the end of April.
  5. Whilst a number of Circle activities have been cancelled by the respective convenors, the Club is open for individual Members and/or small groups to continue to meet.  The Club will work with all groups to provide greater separation of individuals in the Club, in line with the current (and evolving) recommendations regarding social distancing.
  6. Members are reminded the Club’s car park is available for use, especially if they have concerns about using public transport.
  7. We are exploring ways to continue the communication and interaction between Members in virtual ways during this period of social distancing.
  8. The April newsletter will be revamped to reflect the limited arrangements and a range of options that may assist in the current situation.

These changes mean that the planned Mother-Daughter event on Friday 20 March is now cancelled and the Circles that meet in the evenings will not be able to do so until further notice.

These arrangements will be regularly reviewed by the Board.

Business Continuity Planning.

The Club continues to make preparations for the ongoing operations of the Club should the current emerging situation deteriorate.  Remote working arrangements for staff are in readiness.  These will enable the key Club systems to continue to operate, including accounts, payroll, creditor payments, membership, communications, website and reception services.  Members can be assured they will still be able to contact the Club.

The current situation is very fluid and uncertain.  The Board is closely monitoring the financial health of the Club and will report again following the Board meeting next week.

General Meeting in May 2020

The Board confirmed this morning the importance of proceeding with the General Meeting on Tuesday 26 May 2020.  The current Emergency only reinforces the need for us to act on the financial imperatives that are outlined in the Discussion Paper circulated last month.

A quorum of Members will be required at the General Meeting, however we will be encouraging Members to vote through proxies.  The formal notice of meeting and the proxy form will be sent out to Members in April.

In view of the current circumstances, the Club will now hold only one information session for Members on Wednesday 25 March at 10.00am.  Members are invited to book to attend in person, but a ceiling on the number of Members (100) will apply to ensure the Club complies with the new regulations announced this morning.

The session will be videoed and a copy uploaded to the Club’s website later that day.  Members are encouraged and reminded to forward their questions and comments to . The questions and responses by the Board will be posted on the website to ensure that Members can be fully informed about the resolutions to be put to the General Meeting.  All questions and comments should be received by 31 March 2020.

The Information sessions on Tuesday 24 March and Tuesday 31 March have been cancelled.

These are difficult times and please feel free to contact the Board if there is anything we can do to assist.  A further update will be issued after the next Board meeting on Wednesday 25 March, 2020.

While we should be physically distancing, we should not be socially distancing.  We need each other more than ever.

With best wishes

Yvonne Panagacos