Update July 2021.

It is wonderful to see members in the Club again. Last year the COVID 19 pandemic restricted our selection of events for several months. However, our determination to keep connected enabled Zoom meetings to take place on a regular basis. We began the first lockdown with small numbers listening to our Zoom meetings and by the end of the year several hundred members had logged on and enjoyed a variety of events. It was good to see members enjoying themselves and sharing happy exchanges on line.

This year, just as we expected to return to “normal” operations, we were forced to close and follow government restrictions again. Strict adherence to the recent regulations were followed but did not diminish the many ways we continued to keep connected with each other. This cooperative spirit is to be commended and it is great to see members in the Club again.

Our Club has been faced with many challenges recently- both expected and unexpected. The important thing is that the Board is working with our General Manager and staff to achieve the best service possible for our members. Every challenge is an opportunity to review our systems and processes and where necessary to implement reforms that will strengthen and improve our organisation.

Several ideas adopted in the Strategic Plan 2025 are well underway and members will be informed of a range of improvements as they are introduced. These changes are designed to ensure the Club is meeting its statutory obligations and also working to keep the Club as the warm and friendly place we have come to enjoy. While we plan to implement these changes seamlessly, there may be times when patience will needed and I would encourage members to show consideration during this transition phase.

With an army of volunteers working to offer a plethora of events and activities weekly and monthly we are most fortunate to be members of this wonderful Club.

I look forward to seeing our Club go from strength to strength in the months ahead.


Yvonne Panagacos