Ms Helen Robinson

Helen is a sociologist focussing on public policy, governance and ethics. She has post-graduate degrees from Monash, Melbourne (in business),

Stanford, and Cambridge. She was a member of Australian Institute of Company Directors until retiring. At the Nossal Institute,

she oversaw several projects involved in international collaboration in human genomics.

She has been a Voluntary Guide at the NGV since 2011 and recently retired from the Nossal Institute for Global Health.

Working in the UN system for many years, Helen was Director of Development and Leadership at the WHO, having diplomatic status within

the international civil service. She managed a large international team and budgets of over US$100m; represented the WHO on many

senior international committees involved in human resources and organisational development.

A Club member since 2009, joining on her return to Melbourne, she is active in the Art and Film Circles,

and attends others including Travel, Science and Medicine, History, and Environment when possible.