Ms Ileana Guizzo



Ileana has belonged to the Club for 30 years, she is currently a member of our Board and she also served on the Board from 1998 to 2001.

Ileana’s professional skills include policy development and quality improvement.

She brings a background in governance and management, and has served large organisations with responsibility for governance,

audit, risk and the quality of services delivered to stakeholders. Ileana has a practical understanding of what is expected

of an organisation such as the Club, thanks to her current role in preparing organisations to meet professional standards.

She has experience with being audited against national standards on governance, financial management and organisational values.

Ileana enjoys the Choir and the following Circles: Speakers’ Corner, History, Literature, Religious Discussion, Music,

Occasional Singers, Science and Medicine, Art, Epicurean, Antiques and Collectables, Travel and Round Table.