The Social Responsibility Working Group (SRWG) is a sub-committee of the Strategy Implementation Committee.

The key objective of the SRWG is to develop and implement the current strategy plan’s social responsibility-related strategic initiatives into an Action Plan and coordinate the implementation of this Action Plan as directed by the Board through the Strategy Implementation Committee.

The key initiatives for the SRWG are to:

  • Establish a position and policy that best reflects the way in which members see the Club fulfilling its broader social responsibility role. In particular, consider the establishment of an emerging women focus, directed at aspiring, younger women consistent with the Club’s purpose and sponsored by key influential club members. This concept could be built around a sponsorship or mentoring approach for younger women plus a range of initiatives that encourage and support the participation of younger members in Club activities.
  • Investigate developing an Artist-in-Residence program (including visual, written and performing artists).
  • Review and further develop an environmental strategy so that the Club can continue to meet its broader environmental responsibilities including reducing its carbon emissions.

Working Group Members:

Anne Frankenberg (Chair) | Jill Pappas (co-Chair) | Sandie de Wolf | Barbara Inglis | Cathy McNab | Marion Webster

Contact Person: Jill Pappas

Progress on Implementation of Initiatives:

  • A Philanthropy Forum was held on Saturday 22 November 2014 with the purpose of provide information to members about the changing models of philanthropic giving and also to seek input to the Social Responsibility policy from interested members.
  • The Social Responsibility Policy was approved by the Board in May 2015 and is currently effective. It will be reviewed in two years time.
  • The possibility of starting a Philanthropy Circle is being considered, together with a dedicated page on the website for the dissemination of information about philanthropic initiatives outside the Club which may be of interest to members.
  • The potential for the Club to facilitate mentoring relationships is currently under investigation.
  • The Artist-in-Residence program was approved in-principle by the Board in March 2015 and the details of its operation are being further developed. It is expected that the program will commence in 2016.
  • A draft environmental strategy has been developed and will provide input to the Facilities planning process.